Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More Ends

I've almost finished the second part of the poncho, so I have another set of ends to sew in. Random stripes are rather hypnotic. As I crochet a row, I'm pondering which colour and stitch to use next. Then, of course, I must try it. On and on I go, when I should really be cleaning windows or something.


  1. Interesting effect. I never thought about altering the stitches for each row when crocheting afghans. As for ends, have you tried using the Russian join? That was my go to method when I used to crochet.

    1. I'm not expert at crocheting, I'll look Russian join up, thanks.

  2. This is going to come together like magic, isn't it? - it will turn into a poncho before our eyes and I'm dying to see it.

  3. The call of the fiber can be so strong! The windows will still be there tomorrow.

  4. You just broke my trance with the cleaning reminder ;-P
    Love the form your crochet is taking . Enjoying your pleasure & journey vicariously :-)

  5. Should? Hmmmm. How do you spell that???

  6. Oh the windows can wait, like my mom always said, "no one is going to run in and do them for you" :)