Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ready for Monday

 I didn't make any converts to tatting at the talk I did last May, so I'm going to use a different approach this time. I'm going to go from the beginning and try to emphasise how simple tatting is! I'm going to use the double knitting cotton yarn, turquoise and black,  to demonstrate the basic stitch and elements of tatting. Hopefully that will be clear enough for a room full of people to see. I'll also speak in Afrikaans, since it will be the language in general use, though  not my first language.  Linda gave me some articles from an Afrikaans magazine, so I could learn the right Afrikaans terms. I hope this will be more successful in generating interest in tatting.


  1. Good luck with your class!

  2. Jane , if you give me your address , i will send you a tatting book in dutch. This may help you with finding the tatting vocabulary in afrikaans

    1. Oh, that's kind, thanks. Could you e-mail me on and then I'll have your e-mail address and will e-mail you my postal address.

  3. Good luck for tomorrow, I have a couple of talks on tatting, I tKe a few bits with me that I pass around so they can feel and touch the tatting which helps to explain that tatting is made up of chains and rings.

  4. Bring your Under an African Sky doily. I think that looks amazing and unique. Good luck and enjoy yourself.

  5. I like your plan and I think it will work, show the chain first and then the ring, cause they can recognize the knot, then the knot on the ring. I have made it look too hard and lost peoples interest the other way around. :(

  6. PS All your items you have to display, makes me want to tat! and it must be fun to learn languages, I like the notes.