Thursday, December 19, 2013

Still Crossing

 I thought I'd do some sewing for variation, but it didn't go well. I kept dithering. So I went back to tatting crosses. These are number 8 and 9, so I only have two more to do. I did make a mistake on the purply one. It was a while before I realised, too far along to untat. So I cut off the wrong bit and then used a tip I read about on In Tatters - rather than having 4 threads to hide at once, I wound the knot on the shuttles onto one shuttle, so it looked as though the shuttles were wound CTM. I hid the two old threads and then didn't have to hide the two new threads until I reached the knot on the shuttle. Clever!


  1. Wow looks good too can't see the knots at all. It is kinda fun to tat the same thing more than once, and you get to try different colors too!

    1. Yes, I'm quite enjoying it, don't have to think too hard and have memorized the pattern.

  2. Beautiful crosses, lovely colours. I do that with my thread if possible when I have to join when I make a cock up, it does save sewing in four threads

  3. Your crosses are beautiful!! I am absolutely going to have to try one in the new year!! :)