Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I bought this fabric on impulse in August. It's taken me a while to decide what to make with it. Eventually I decided on a blouse and short skirt so that I can mix and match. The blouse is a Butterick pattern. The skirt is a 'cut according to your cloth' A-line, knee length.


  1. It looks really good! - I've been looking at all those narrow hems, although my 45-year-old machine has a special attachment to do those, I could never make it work. It's a very long time since I sewed anything that wasn't a ballet costume for a grandchild!

    1. I thought I'd try out one of the many decorative stitches on my machine for the hem. I did some experimenting on the cut off bits before I settled on one that I thought would work. It's a zig zag variation so there's only one fold of material, so I could keep it narrow.

  2. looks nice and reminds me you live in a warmer place! I do like warm better than cold :)