Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sewing a Curved Hem

I'm sewing an outfit for my granddaughter. The shirt has a curved hem. It can be quite difficult to sew a curved hem neatly, so I thought I'd try out a tip I read recently, which is basically to make a facing for the hem. I cut a strip of fabric to match the hem and sewed it on, right sides together ( unlike the front facing, which I managed to sew on with the wrong side facing and had to redo.)
 I snipped the seam allowance before turning it in and pressing.
Then machine sewed the hem. I'd rather machine sew than hand sew because I think it's stronger, less likely to need mending or redoing, which no one wants to have to do!

The top is done, and now I'm off to make the matching shorts.


  1. Lovely little outfit! In my sewing days, thankfully long gone, I used to draw the hem with a piece of tailor's chalk - then baste, then sew. I think your way looks much faster!

  2. That is SO cute!

    Happy Holidays, Jane!

  3. Lovely top, curved hems they are hard at the best of times, but that's a great tip, must remember that next time.

  4. You are quite the seamstress! Looks like it worked very well with the facing. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas. Karen in OR

  5. Hey I love this method and do it a lot, I even cheat some more when I can, and buy bias tape and that works great too! My mom then bought me this really cool stuff to make your own bias tape with your own fabric and how to cut a large square out and sew it together and then you make yards and yards of bias tape, she learned it from a quilting class she took.. Oh well now you can tell I got back from going out of town:)

    1. Welcome back! I've read about bias binding makers, but not seen one. Yes, bias binding could work instead of a facing, I'll remember that.