Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer Sewing

 The weather is beginning to warm up, so I decided to make a put-on-and-go dress with one of the pieces of material I bought the other day. The fabric is rather flimsy, so I lined the dress. Years ago I met a lady called Bettica who said that she lines every garment she makes because it's quicker and easier than neatening seams. I wouldn't go so far, but she does have a point - lining a dress is not as difficult or time consuming as one might think. The fabric is 'mock newsprint', so if I run out of reading matter I could always sit down and read it!


  1. It looks beautiful! - you do so much, sewing knitting, spinning, hardanger, embroidery AND tatting - it's always fun to visit your blog.
    Haven't seen a mention of crochet yet.....or have I?

    1. I have been learning tunisian crochet! I can crochet, but don't do it much.

  2. That looks like the kind of dress I like to wear, and what a bonus... Free reading material!

  3. I love to throw on a nice dress that can go anywhere! This looks great, you are talented it is always fun to visit here!

  4. Of course, Tunisian ! - how could I have forgotten your lovely bag!