Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Diversion

Actually, this diversion stems from the first. I can't post the lace to my daughter until I go to town again, so I thought I'd knit a cardigan for her daughter Annika in the meantime. A neighbour of mine recently knitted this; I liked the pattern, so borrowed it from her. It has an unusual front shaping. I knitted away at the sleeve yesterday evening, feeling that something was not quite right. This morning I spotted the mistake and had to do some unravelling!


  1. sometimes knitting is very satisfying because you can get more miles done than tatting! looks great love this looks warm too!

  2. Looks very nice, what a pity you have a little mistake, it's going to look lovely when finished.

  3. It looks lovely, and she'll get plenty of opportunity to wear it, spring is colder than winter over here in Perth.