Thursday, September 12, 2013


This earring has possibilities, but I don't like the proportions - the rings at the top are too small next to the big ring. And I don't like the colour, which I used only because I already had a shuttle wound with thread and loaded with beads. But it was interesting to work with size 20 thread and to add beads on the outside of the plastic ring. The thrown off rings were easy to do, so that's something else learnt. Hmmm, I may mull over this for a while.


  1. I missed this blog, looks like too many beads on big ring and then it left spaces where plastic shows and the bottom 3 rings would have looked straighter if they were connected in the middle instead of beads, because they are fighting to be on top of each other too. I see what you mean with the top three rings, I would make the ring close to the plastic ring a lot larger but not bigger than the plastic ring, then that might help. like an order small medium large and then larger plastic ring size. I have fun with this hope you don't mind some times I can be annoying though just let me know :)

    1. :-) not at all, I'm happy to have your input and ideas!