Thursday, September 12, 2013

Signing Off

In September last year I joined the 25 Motif Challenge. I like the 'challenge' aspect, as opposed to the 'motif' part, so I challenged myself to learn 25 new tatting techniques in a year. Some techniques took a long time to grasp and some were quite quick. Some of them are more likely than others to become part of my regular repertoire.  Before I list what I learnt, I'd like to thank Sharon who runs the challenge. She does a great job in keeping up with the blogs of participants, and in summarising them.

  1. Overlapping tatting
  2. Single thread platonic solids
  3. Stacked dimple rings
  4. Clunies
  5. Lock chains and using doodads
  6. Block tatting
  7. Interlocking rings
  8. Larkshead picot join
  9. Beaded 'fabric'
  10. Onion rings
  11. Maltese tatting
  12. Folded rings
  13. Pearl tatting
  14. Mignonette tatting
  15. Interlocking SCMRs
  16. Hyperbolic tatting
  17. Beaded SSSRs
  18. Interlocking hearts 
  19. Victorian sets trellis
  20. Inverted tatting
  21. Layered picots
  22. Square rings
  23. Encapsulation
  24. Double double stitch
  25. Covering a plastic ring


  1. Congratulations on completing the year! I've enjoyed seeing all the things you've tatted as part of this challenge.

  2. I like your idea of trying 25 techniques. That's an impressive list!

  3. What a list! Congratulations and well done!

  4. Great list of accomplishments! Congratulations, sounds like you're ready for any kind of tatting now!

  5. I know I learned a lot from your posting all of them. I am too flighty, and I don't think I could not have kept opace,like you and others do! One day I'll try this.

  6. Its amazing what you can now do with a lot of perserverence and of course talent. Like others I have enjoyed seeing all the different techniques