Tuesday, September 17, 2013


 Renulek's beautiful doily has been on my to-do list since it first appeared a year ago. Now that I've completed my 25 motif challenge, I'm tackling my to-do list, beginning with this doily. It's a very large doily! The pattern has been a tat along on In Tatters. I've been inspired by the examples on there to use colours instead of the white of the original that I originally planned to use. The thread is Coats that lurked in a friend's stash for a very long time before it was given to me. Here's a link to the pattern for first two rounds.


  1. Missed this pattern, but that is probably because it is a doily, think I would stop at this stage! Since using Lizbeth threads I find Coats threads very coarse although I still use them. The colours you have used look great together

  2. This looks very delicate and pink and green never go out of style I have a pattern to get to too this reminds me!

  3. That looks so beautiful and it will be gorgeous when done!! :)