Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heart Experiments

 I used up the last pink thread on the spool to experiment with folded ring hearts for an edging. The problem with the top one is that folded rings have a right side and wrong side and it's impossible to get all the rings to face the same way using this method. There is a solution - tat all the hearts on one side and then turn and do the hearts that face the other way. The middle row has a stitch count of 10, folded part, 10, where the bottom one is 14, folded part, 14.  This is to be another edging for a towel, so the bottom stitch count might work better. Decisions, decisions....


  1. Looks like lots of lovely hearts!! :)

  2. Have you tried my vertical split ring hearts? You might like them....

    1. The stacked dimple hearts? Yes, I've done them, made bracelets. I think folded rings are a bit easier to do for long edging than dimpled rings.

  3. I like the bottom one best for a towel edging.