Thursday, July 18, 2013

Compounding the Mistake

I could kick myself. Yesterday I made a mistake when I tatted the first heart for Betsy Evans's Rainbow Heart Bookmark. I realised when I'd finished that I joined the small ring after the bottom trefoil to the wrong picot, so the heart wasn't 'square'. Not a great problem, I'd wound too much thread onto my bobbin anyway, so I just tatted another one. This morning I made a third heart and realised when I'd finished that I'd joined the second and third hearts to the wrong heart, the one with the mistake in it!

Talking of mistakes, the version of the pattern that I have has some mistakes in the written version. It's better to work from the diagram than from the written instructions.


  1. You hearts are in such pretty colors!! :) I tatted that same pattern and the first heart I made I had a mistake in it too. :)

  2. and who will ever know. Those are pretty colors.

    1. Me! Once I noticed that the bottom trefoil was skew, I couldn't unsee it.