Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Using the right needle

I've been asked to knit some more wristlets or fingerless gloves. I've discovered that when knitting by the Magic Loop method, the needle makes a difference. The  top needle in the picture is straight, with a cord  much the same diameter as the needle. It's much easier to slide the stitches along this needle than the bottom one, which has a bend in it and a cord much smaller than the needle. So, I've learnt something!


  1. thx for visiting + leaving a comment on my little blog. Isn't it funny Sewing Machine Day - actually has TWO days to celebrate!!! What a hoot.

    I've been tatting some small doodles (requests) - Summertime is a challenge to get ANYTHING accomplished .... enjoy the day

  2. I had seen the term Magic Loop but didn't check out videos until today. I am amazed at this technique! I had knitted for 30 years, but avoided making socks and small items because of my fear of double-pointed needles, but finally overcame that fear around 2003 when they came out with the self-striping yarns for socks. However, at one time many years ago I did use two large circular needles for a small cap and thought that idea would be considered 'weird' by the knitting community (before the internet). Now I see someone figured out how to use ONE circular needle. However, as you indicate, it's best to have the one with the smooth 'straight' connection! Pretty yarn and pattern!

    1. You're right, it is an amazing technique. I kept seeing references to it in sock patterns, so checked it out. I rather like knitting with double pointed needles, which may be why it took me a while to warm to the magic loop, but I'm being won over! The pattern comes from Ravelry, it's called Blackrose by Suzi Anvin, there's a sock version too.