Friday, June 8, 2012

Turning the corner

I'm tatting  the last side of my tablecloth edging,  hooray. The pattern is Fandango Edging from Jane Eborall. There are 37 repeats on each side, but I started with three on this side, so I have 34 more to do. I will do 33, then sew the edging on before doing the last repeat, to be sure I don't twist it. I'm thinking now that I may have to block the tablecloth before sewing on the edging. I'll have to do some research, I know nothing about blocking embroidery.


  1. I anxious to see the finish piece.

  2. Tatting a tablecloth edging is very ambitious! I can hardly wait to see the finished product!

  3. Man oh man! You are my newest hero! I cannot imagine tatting round a tablecloth! A hankie just about does me in.

    I look forward to the grand reveal!

    1. Well, Fox and everyone else, it is a small tablecloth and I'm using size 20 thread, so it's probably the equivalent of doing a hanky edging in a finer thread. It has taken a while and it's only thanks to Sharon sending me some thread that I will be able to finish it.

  4. Can't wait to see the finished tablecloth! :)

  5. You are a Superlady in handicrafts ( needlework or something like that:) )!!!!!

  6. WoW. Just WOW! A table cloth edging? Do your hands never tire? (*grins*)

    Can't wait to see. I hope the blocking (or whatever needs to be done) goes well.