Friday, June 15, 2012


It was all very well for me to say that I was prepared for damage to my husband's work jersey. In reality my heart sank when he came in, barely a week after I finished knitting, with a big hole in the front - ''Oh yes, the angle grinder''. I made a patch to cover the hole, making it as unobtrusive as I could. Fingers crossed I won't have to make more patches for a while.


  1. Owwww - is that the new jumper you just finished knitting for him???

  2. I've had that heart-sinking feel before... not fun! Thank goodness you know how to patch it!

  3. Good thing it wasn't the cabled sweater! But it still had to be a shock since it is fairly new!

    1. You're right on both counts - it would've been much more difficult to match the cables, and I had hoped it would be next winter before I had to do any mending!