Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tablecloth revisited

I should've put a link yesterday to where I wrote about my tablecloth in January and February. It was given to me by my grandmother, together with the correct embroidery threads and a pamphlet showing what stitch to do where. It  has languished in a kist for 25 years or more, until  I decided in January to get on with it. My Gran had  done the leaves and stems and a couple of the flowers, but it was still rather daunting. Especially as I am  new to this sort of embroidery. I've made some diversions into knitting etc, but I am determined to finish this. I rapidly realised that I wasn't going to  have enough thread to finish the tatted edging but, as I related here, Sharon in Iowa sent me a ball from the same dyelot, so I can tat in confidence that I will have enough to complete the edging. Soon!


  1. Don't those colours zing? SOOO pretty.

  2. This labour of love is going to be sensational!

  3. I have long admired tablecloths such as yours, but since my embroidery attempts have been very pathetic in the past, I've put off trying. I can hardly wait to see it with the tatted edging!

    1. There are such good directions to be found on the internet, you should have another go!