Monday, June 11, 2012

Too cold to tat!

Winter has been slow in arriving this year, thankfully, but at the weekend it arrived with a vengeance. This picture taken from our verandah shows the lawn covered in frost. The strange thing is that the houses here make no allowance for cold weather. Our open-plan cottage has no fireplace, no radiators,  no underfloor heating.... It doesn't even have carpets, just icy cold tiles. Summer gets hot, and there's a very efficient watercooled fan to help with the heat - assuming  you survive the winter! My hands were just frozen at the weekend, I didn't do any tatting. Today the sun is shining, so I found a sunny spot, thawed and got on with my edging.


  1. I could have done with a bit of chilly weather here yesterday. It was hot! Still, I don't like cold fingers and toes. Good luck staying warm!

  2. After reading your post, it dawned on me that I seldom read about winters in the south of the equator. Heavy snow is always associated with countries of the northern hemisphere. Thank you for sharing and enlightening me.

    I am located in the tropics, just above the equator. There is either wet or dry here and currently we are having it quite dry and very humid, though there is the occasional thunderstorms.

  3. I come from Zimbabwe, which is closer to the equator and warmer than here, so I guess I am not properly prepared for this sort of cold!

  4. I realize I have missed some of your posts! I love your header, and was pleased to see that you shared the pattern back in April, and that you give credit to Wally Sosa for the method of interlocking split rings. I really want to try this! It's very generous of you to share your pattern!

    I was puzzled about the cold weather, too. I guess the question is, where is 'here'? Not to give away your specific location, but I'm still confused. Are you on vacation but still in Africa? Or you have moved from Zimbabwe to a place that does have winter, but the houses don't make allowances for cold weather?
    We're definitely having summer here in the U.S.A.!
    It's fun 'chatting' with someone from S. Africa!

  5. I am a Zimbabwean, but am presently living in South Africa, north of Kimberley, you should find that on a map. So I'm still in Africa, but in a colder part of it. It does definitely have a winter, and the house builders definitely don't take it into account!

    I have used patterns by many other designers, it would be ungenerous of me not to share!! I also like the concept that one designer takes an idea further, while acknowledging sources. That's how the craft develops, don't you think?

  6. Thank you for your visit on my blog.
    I hope the temperature will warm up gradually in your country so you can live and tat comfortably again !