Thursday, June 21, 2012


Size 20 thread is my 'go to' thread. The green motif is mine, tatted in size 20. It measures 14cm across. The ecru one is for a gift. It is tatted in size 60 thread  and measures 11cm across. Both threads are made by Coats.

 I did contemplate using a multicolour thread, but I didn't think that would enhance this pattern. I love multicolour threads, but they don't suit all projects.


  1. Both are beautiful, but I'm really drawn to the green. I agree with you about the multicolor. I like it for designs that weave in and out, but not for designs that go round and round.

  2. Oh, you can really see the negative space in the green, gorgeous!

  3. I agree that variegated thread enhances some designs but not others. This is very striking in the green, and is unusual in the 'squared off' effect of the outer round. A lovely gift!