Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Point Is....

Since I made the dragon, several years ago, I've learnt that there are various ways to create a shape like this. In Ellen Mai's sun pattern, which I saw recently on Anne Bruvold's blog, Ellen does a lock stitch at the point. In Jane Eborall's pattern for a goat, to make the horn Jane swaps shuttles at the tip. Either of these methods would work for my dragon's tail tip, but they won't work for the claws or teeth, because those have a green core thread while showing yellow stitches. That's to avoid having too  many joins and ends to hide.  What I did was make a very small picot, turn the work and then join to that  picot. In all cases, as Ellen Mai says, the important thing is to make sure the stitches are created in such a way that the curve faces the right way.

 I have made a start to writing out the pattern for the dragon. It'll take me a while!


  1. It will be Worth the Wait! - so take your time and enjoy the process.

  2. Excellent explanations! It's great that there are several ways to accomplish tricky maneuvers and effects in tatting! I'm impressed you are going to tackle writing up the pattern for your amazing dragon!

    Thanks for explaining the reasons for the cool weather where you are!

    1. Yeah, it is a little daunting, easier to tat the dragon than write about it! I will have to follow Maureen's advice, though really the thing is to just get on with it and stop procrastinating!