Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Easy When You Know How


I made a waffle stitch backwards and forwards square, but have been wanting to try a waffle stitch square that starts in the middle and goes round and round. I had saved the pattern on Pinterest. So I looked it up and grabbed some cotton/acrylic yarn that I was given in 'payment' for knitting the bedsocks. And couldn't make head nor tail of the pattern. After several false starts, I decided to look at a video. I found 'Waffle Stitch In A Square Crochet Tutorial' by OkieGirlBling'n'Things on YouTube. Aha. Now I could see what I was aiming for. I went back to the written pattern and it made perfect sense. I now have the hang of it and it's so easy that it's a good project for taking along in the car or when having conversations. It's experimental, there's no deadline and I'll just do it when I want something easy. 


  1. Wonderful! There is absolutely everything on the net now, if one only knows to look.
    I had made a few strips with the waffle stitch some years back and progressed no further.

  2. It's so effective. I often watch videos these days on how to do things. Thank goodness for helpful people making videos.

  3. It looks challenging. Job well done.