Wednesday, May 1, 2024



The tamarillo/tree tomato jelly is a lovely colour. I thought I'd aim for that colour when dyeing the wool I've just finished spinning. I thought I'd need to add grey to the pink dye to get the right sort of colour. Rather than just mix grey powder with the pink, I soaked the skeins in a grey dye bath and then poured pink dye over half of each skein, to get long colour changes:

I put them in the oven to set the dye, rinsed the skeins when they were cool and then put them on the veranda to dry:

 They're more or less as I visualised. I dyed two skeins in one batch, for the market, and another skein that I plan to use for a zig zag cowl, which is why I wanted long colour changes.


  1. I think your cowl will turn out great! That is a very nice colour combination.

  2. The colors go together beautifully.

  3. Beautiful I look forward to seeing how they work out