Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Storybook Rabbits


I had a message from one of the (trainee) teachers I made felt story aids for last year asking if I could make two rabbit puppets for her. Her deadline was pretty close, but luckily she was happy to have the turquoise rabbit I had in stock, instead of the blue she visualised, so I was able to help. The pink rabbit is mum, so I made her a bit bigger than the other one, and gave her a necklace. 

I had a message from one of the other teachers last week, asking for advice about making her own props for story telling. I was happy to help, but I do wonder why she didn't learn that when she was training! 


  1. Luckily, she has you to ask! The puppets are adorable!

  2. Love that you get an opportunity to be creative even when repeating a pattern 💕

  3. Those are great rabbits!!! :)
    They would be wonderful for Easter puppets too. ;)