Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Preparing For Friday


I'm in the process of making puppets for an upcoming market, but I am taking time off from that today to prepare for Friday's craft group. We're going to make food covers out of sparkly net. I'm hemming them using a fancy but not too fancy stitch on my sewing machine:

Hopefully it looks like little leaves, since I think much of the decoration will be flowers made from felt, fabric, beads, whatever. A bit of tatting perhaps. I've hemmed four so far but am aiming for eight.

By the way, I've just spent a pleasant few minutes trawling through my previous posts about food covers or tea showers. Like this one for instance. I'd forgotten that I'd made so many! 


  1. What a clever way to use tatting bits!

  2. I have missed seeing all the food covers you did. I am sure you had plenty after the variety you added tatting to back then. ;)
    Have fun making them with others! :)

  3. Hope you had an eventful Friday session. I love the term 'tea shower'. It conjures up a laid-back dainty tea service world instead of the large mugs we tend to use today.
    Your covers are beautiful!

    1. Yes, it’s a shame tea time is more utilitarian than elegant now.