Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Nearly There


I thought I'd take along some beadwork to the market on Saturday. Keyrings are good for a market because they're inexpensive, as well as useful and pretty! I set myself a target of 10 and have strung the beads for the tenth one, so I'm pretty sure I'll meet the target. Beaded crochet doesn't require electricity, so the power cuts are not a factor, hooray. 


  1. The key rings are fun. It's nice to have something you can do with no power. Maybe that's why knitting used to be so popular?

  2. Love your key rings! No power, but you do need good light. Hope your power situation improves soon

    1. That’s true. The cuts have mostly been during the day, so I work on the veranda, good natural light.

  3. I always love seeing all your beaded rings!! You always have great colors and designs!! :)