Wednesday, May 18, 2022

For Me


I thought that as the market was over, and there's time to prepare for the next one, I'd take the gap and make myself a blouse. I've had the idea in mind ever since the pattern was returned to me in December.

I did view 2, minus the pockets. The polka dot fabric is flimsy and see through, so I lined back and front with linen that was left over from making a skirt. I left the sleeves sheer. I could have made it a little shorter, since I plan to wear it out, rather than tucked in, but it's too difficult to alter, attached to the lining as it is, so it will stay like that. 


  1. Lovely! When school is out in a couple of weeks, I plan to look through my patterns so that I can make some summer tops. Being lazy, I've been looking for tops online, and they're all very disappointing.

  2. There are advantages to making your own!

  3. Love the purple. It should be yellow though so you could make a ‘yellow polka dot bikini’ as in the old song!!!

    1. You won’t catch me in a bikini in any colour!