Monday, May 23, 2022

A Different Sort Of Beast


The lady at the gift shop down the road asked me if I could translate my puppet animals into hot water bottle covers. Mmm, I'll give it a go. These are my efforts so far. She asked for 10, but I think I'll start with 5 and see whether there's really a demand for them and make sure they're not too this or too that. The gift shop doesn't pay me until the item is sold, so I don't want to go overboard. 

You never know how your day is going to turn out, do you? Instead of spending Friday messing with glue at the retirement home, I spent it tatting leaf braid in the hospital next to Jack's bed. Because I was well prepared, I was able to ask someone else to step in for me, so the glue was duly wielded and thank you cards made. Jack is home again now, thankfully. I was glad I could grab my 'handbag tatting' when I had to leave in a hurry. 


  1. I hope Jack's OK now, Jane. What a worry for you. Love the hot water bottle covers.

  2. These look great! Good to hear Jack is back from the hospital and hopefully all is back to normal 💗💗💗

  3. Covers for hot water bottles seems like a winner to me! I hope Jack is doing well. I like to keep tatting in my bag as well... just in case.

  4. Those are cute covers, a neat idea. I hope Jack recovers and gets back to normal soon.

  5. A treasured "lovey" from my daughter's toddler years was a water bottle cover decorated as a lamb. The terry cloth was worn threadbare and the rubber bladder that holds the water was replaced once. I know these will be popular!

  6. Those are such fun hot water bottle covers. How do they do up at the top? I'm glad to hear Jack is on the mend.

    1. They have an overlap at the back, like a pillow case. I hope it will be possible to get the bottle in, I haven't actually tested it!