Tuesday, May 3, 2022


 Remember the tree that split under the weight of its fruit? One section fell down altogether, when the  fuit was still very green. We hoped the fruit would ripen, but it didn't and had to be discarded - four buckets full. The fruit on the rest of the tree is starting to ripen now.

 On Sunday I found enough ripe naartjies (tangerines) for a batch of marmalade. I used this recipe.

It came out really well. There were four bottles, but I gave one to my neighbour before I took a photo. There are plenty more naartjies on the tree, so I will be making more as they ripen. Jack might have to replace the tree, which would mean a few years before I can make naartjie marmalade again. 


  1. Enjoy the tree, fruits, and marmalade while you can 😍

  2. I have never heard of a tree splitting under the weight of it's fruit that was some harvest what a pity so much fruit was lost, the tree still looks quite laden so I'm sure you will be able to make lots more marmalade, homemade is always the best.