Wednesday, May 25, 2022



And I thought I could get into a sticky mess with glue? Try honey. Jack's not feeling up to processing his honey, so I said I'd do it. Read up on the internet and off I went. It turns out that we don't have many sunny spots in the house. The veranda is sunny, but Jack was warned not to take the honey outside or the bees will reclaim it. Which is why one bowl is poised precariously above the taps. It will take a while for the honey to drain, even in a sunny spot. 

I made two more hot water bottle covers, hippo and shark, and delivered all five to the gift shop yesterday. 


  1. What a lovely tasting sticky mess to get into, Jane!!!! Glad Jack’s taking it easy for a while. Love the hot water bottle covers. Summer is heading our way and I’m back in winter clothes again!

  2. I can relate to the stickiness of honey! Any time I use it on toasts or in Chinese cooking, I later find a sticky spot somewhere or other on my hands, etc.! Your covers are adorable 💙💙💙