Thursday, May 19, 2022


We're going to make thank you cards at tomorrow's craft group meeting. A card needs an envelope, I think, and making the envelope requires glue! I found a number of tutorials on Pinterest. Oddly, they all eschew rulers in favour of folding the paper to get proportions right. The problem with that is that there are folds in the middle of the envelope that don't look good. I used a ruler. Then the glue. Because I'm so hopeless with glue, I use a glue stick whenever possible. In this case, the glue stick is not precise enough for the small areas to be glued. I tried using a brush, possible but not ideal. A glue bottle with a spout to get the glue to the right spot was the best option. 

The craft group has members of differing abilities, so I'm making some blank cards and the envelopes to go with them, and will take the materials for the more able to make their own. I'll take along various bits and bobs for decorating the cards, including glitter, which requires more glue. 


  1. Customized application and options 😀 This is sure to be a relaxing and creatively fun session ❤

  2. Try double sided tape no mess and no glue to keep sticky fingers clean.