Thursday, May 5, 2022

A Diversion


The little fellow who comes to me for sewing lessons is turning 8 next week. With the weather getting colder, I thought he might like a cap and mittens. I used a pattern from The Ashford Book of Spinning by Anne Field. I didn't use handspun yarn though. I thought acrylic would be more practical, so I used yarn left over from other projects. The pattern works them flat, but I knitted the hat with a circular needle and mittens with double pointed needles. I think they're neater that way. 


  1. Great gift and perfect colours and pattern! 💙💙💙 He'll now want to learn knitting 😍

    1. He said he wanted to a few weeks ago, but gave up when he didn’t grasp it instantly!

  2. Blue and white as in the Finnish flag. Great knits.

  3. Beautifully knitted and I am sure he will love them, how nice to hear of a boy learning to sew.

  4. Your knitting work is beautiful! He will love his new hat!