Monday, March 14, 2022

Word Gets Out

 Once word gets out that you're willing to sew for others, you can find your self doing all sorts of things. Over the weekend, I hemmed three tablecloths:

The job wasn't quite as straight forward as I'd expected. One of the fabrics was very fine and refused to sew a smooth seam. Eventually I had to settle for 'this is the best I can do', after changing stitch length and tension, and wielding the iron before and after sewing. 

This morning I've been embroidering a monogram for someone else:

It's not very expertly done. Perhaps I could call it rustic? Oh, and I'm still drawing the line at replacing zips in trousers! 


  1. Zips in trousers are the WORST job of all. Stick to your guns, Jane!

  2. Bittersweet, huh?! 💗💗💗 I like the monogram

  3. Wow!! You sure do keep busy!! :)

  4. You would be my best friend if I didn't live across the world from you. I barely know how to thread the machine. sounds like you are getting the projects others didn't want to deal with. I do like the monogram :)

  5. I agree about zips!!
    It's nice to have different things to do, it keeps life interesting.

  6. I keep my sewing skills quite. Even more quiet than my organ skills. I'll happily teach someone to do what I do!!