Monday, March 28, 2022

Rain Again


Considering how mediocre this rainy season has been, it's really a swizz that the market on Saturday was rained off again! It was beautiful rain, and we really need it, so no one dare complain.

 I'm sending the bath puppets to a gift shop down the road on consignment. I'm not sure that's a good idea, I'd much rather sell them direct at the market, but plan B was required and I had a message from the shop owner asking for them. 

Mr Giraffe is the tenth puppet in the group. 


  1. Love the giraffe. We could do with some rain too.

  2. Glad there was a Plan B and your hardwork will pay off. Cute giraffe ❤

  3. I really hope it all goes well!! :)
    I love your animal bath mitts!! :)

  4. Cute giraffe! It's too bad the market was cancelled, but I'm guessing the rain was well received. It's nice that you have another option for selling your bath puppets.