Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Puppets Again


A lull in sewing tasks gives me the chance to make some more bath puppets. I don't have any in stock and there will be another market at the end of the month. I should have finished this crocodile yesterday but there was a thunder storm and I didn't want to risk having my sewing machine affected by a lightning strike. I'll finish today. We had 30mm of much needed rain with the storm, so that's fine.


  1. Crocodiles need water, too 😁🐊 (I'm guessing this is a crocodile cutting above).😍

  2. Your bath puppets are adorable! I don't like to work with anything attached to electricity during a thunder storm. Years ago, our minister's wife was typing up his sermon on an electric typewriter. There was a lightning strike that knocked her out of her chair. I've been very careful ever since then.

    1. Goodness, yes, that was a lesson to take on board!

  3. I love your bath puppets!! :)
    I had a computer that got hit by lightening and the mother board inside was zapped and I had to get a new computer so I don't have my computers on during thunderstorms anymore. ;)