Thursday, March 24, 2022

Not Horsey Enough


This was supposed to be a horse with a rainbow mane. Mmm, no. I think the mistake I made was to use the same template as I used for the other puppets of this type. A horse has a different shaped head. I may need to call it something else. Any ideas?

More successful was the first pair of socks in my handspun wool:


  1. I see a seal poking up through the kelp that catches the sun in rainbow colors!

  2. I think it needs a rainbow horn and it can be called a unicorn. ;)
    Very pretty socks!! :)

  3. Loves the socks! The pattern is pretty and they look warm.

    And I love ALL the bath puppets!

  4. The decorated horsey is one of those fancy ones in a merry-go-round or carousel!!!
    Beautiful socks. 💛💗💛💗💛

  5. Lovely horse he's just a fancy one,
    These socks are beautiful and look warm