Monday, March 22, 2021

Working on Round 9

 Well, I sold a couple of items at the market on Saturday, enough to cover costs, if not make my fortune. I think that once again there were more sellers than buyers, a sign of the times, but the venue was pretty, the weather pleasant and I enjoyed the day. 

I'm now working on round 9 of the Spring doily. 

This is a 'suspended' round, clearly waiting to be joined to the next one.

 At 12-12 the rings are too big for me to use my usual method of avoiding enlarging the ring by removing fingers! Instead I'm working half the ring in that way, then letting the shuttle dangle and increasing the thread around the hand before doing the second half. That way I only have to pull thread once.

 I had some thread left on the shuttle from round 8. Rather than unwind it, I used the 'false CTM' method - I tied the shuttle to the ball and then wound some more thread onto the shuttle so that the knot would be further along and I wouldn't have 4 threads at the beginning/end of the round. 

I promise to measure the doily when this round is complete. Picotsnkeys asked me how big it was after round 8, but I didn't answer her. 


  1. I am glad you had a good day at the market and sold a couple of items, not easy these days, we have not had any markets in the UK for a year, no idea when the craft markets will start up again.
    Your doily is looking lovely as far

  2. It's looking fabulous!!! :)
    I just finished that round yesterday.

  3. Oh, I forgot to say that I am glad you at least covered costs at the market and that it was a nice area!!

  4. I'm glad it was still an ok day at the market. Times are tough...
    Regarding avoiding to enlarge the ring, i hold the stitches between my thumb and palm so i don't leave any out and they don't bunch up as much. Not sure if you tried that...

    1. Yes, I do that to close the ring smoothly. Avoiding enlarging the ring helps speed and rhythm.

  5. Recovering costs is a good first step, and you hopefully learned what will sell in future. So many brick and mortar shops are now online, including 5-star restaurants, due to this pandemic. Times have changed for the next few years.

  6. I'm glad the market was not a bust. Your doily is looking good!

  7. Nice to read that the market went well. Love the doily!