Thursday, March 11, 2021

Working On Masks Again


You'd think everyone would have a mask by now. But people leave their masks at home and then have to buy another one! So I am working on masks again. I have four with tatting added so am making another six to make up to ten. I'm running out of tatting bits of the right size, so I thought I'd decorated them with machine embroidery instead. Same colour, different patterns. Patterns are chosen with a press of a button, but changing the colour means rethreading the machine, a bit more tedious. I'm using scraps of fabric left over from making shirts and shorts. 


  1. This, at one glance, reminded me of traditional handloom weaves from Assam, India - both cotton and silk! Red weave on white cotton or raw/muga silk background!

  2. It seems masks will be around for some time, its nice to have a different designs on them and I am sure your embroidery ones will be a big hit.