Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Felted Soap


A friend of mine makes soap, so when I saw this tutorial for making felted soap, I asked Sarah if she had any 'ugly' soaps that would benefit from being covered in felt. She gave me two for me and seven to give back to her.

 I started with the jade one in the bottom photo.  I thought I'd dye it after I'd felted it. That worked ok, but I'm a bit worried that the dye might not be fast enough - Sarah said we could call it a Smurf soap! The felting is not as smooth as it might be, but that'll need practice. For the second one, I added a bit of tatting, instead of using dyed wool. I covered the tatting with a thin layer of wool, but that obscures the motif and I decided it probably wasn't necessary. 

Yesterday I dyed small amounts of blue and yellow wool before felting.  I'm pretty sure the dye is properly fixed.  I did the oblong ones with different colours of wool and added tatting to the round ones without covering them. It worked pretty well, I think, though it would take some practice to get them looking really good. 


  1. This seems so playful!!! So my obvious question is -can they be used normally? Will the felt/tatting act as an exfoliant?

    1. Yes, that's the idea. You can read more about the purpose of felting soap at the beginning of the tutorial. Am a little dubious about its antibicrobial qualities, but there you go.

  2. I've never come across this before. I guess you the felt acts like a flannel.

  3. I have never thought of Felting soap. What a cool idea! I like your experiments with dyeing also.

  4. I've never heard of felted soap before, but i'm sure it calls for some tatting on it! :)

  5. I agree, I think the uncovered tatting looks nice, and extra exfoliation if you need it :)