Thursday, March 25, 2021

Round 9 And A Cover Up


After round 9 the doily measures 25 cm, 10 inches across. I'm working in size 40 thread.  I haven't blocked this round, I think it makes more sense to join it to the next round before blocking. 

A friend asked me to convert two beach wraps/sarongs into more wearable cover ups. She gave me a sample to copy. It's a simple shape, so it was easy enough to trace round it onto the fabric. Then I used this tutorial to remind myself how to make bias binding to neaten round the tops and form the straps. This is the second one. I did the other one last week and gave it to Phyl without taking a photo. 


  1. Your doily is looking great! I love that cover up material!

  2. The cover up is so elegant and perfectly cut/sewn! 💖
    Did you give the rolling pin blocking a try?

  3. Your doily is beautiful!! :) We are both using size 40. ;)
    Great cover up! :)

  4. I like the cover up! Good choice for the neckline!

  5. The doily is looking really good, nice and even throughout. And such an interesting pattern for the cover up!