Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Bag of Gold


This is the second little trinket bag for an order.

There were interesting comments on my post about the time it takes to make one of these bags. I wasn't lamenting the time taken, of course, merely tallying it. None of the crafts I do produce results in a hurry! 

I'm going to make another bag in this pattern and try to position the flowers more as I originally envisioned. It might require trial and error because the bias effect and the discrepancy between graphed pattern and reality boggle my mind. 


  1. Personally I think the placement of the flowers is perfect. I can’t see how else you would want to place them as they flow so nicely round the bag.

    1. I was aiming for a more staggered arrangement, but since this looks fine, as you kindly say, I carried on regardless.

  2. This does look good! The spiraling adds a bit of freeform effect. 💙💛💙

  3. I think the bag is beautiful. Great choice of beads.