Monday, February 1, 2021

Day 10, Trinket Bag and Pattern Visitors


We've started on a new section of the tat it and see. No, don't ask me what it is... 

I've finished the little trinket bag that I showed you the bottom of in Thursday's post. I use my one for putting coins in, but these little bags could house other treasures. I took the heart from a beaded rope pattern on, then multiplied it out on graph paper. 

There were a lot of visits to my patterns last week, according to yesterday's Keep and Share report. Thank you. I hope someone found something useful! 


  1. Hearts are a perfect choice for this season and one cannot have enough bags for storage! 💖

  2. I look at that lovely little bag and think no I do not need to learn another craft! That is just so lovely and sweet!

    1. Thank you! I know, I said the same when I first came across beaded crochet rope, and yet here I am...