Thursday, February 18, 2021

Finish This First


I've been itching to start work on round 5  of the Spring doily, but I needed to finish this knitting first. Do you remember the animal ears?  Someone wants to do a photo shoot of a baby wearing ears and matching leggings. Right. I found a pattern by Drops Design on Ravelry and adapted it. The construction is quite complex - it's knitted in the round, with short rows to build up the back, increases, decreases... So it didn't really lend itself to alteration. My swatch was a third bigger than stipulated, so I used that as a basis to work out stitch counts. And winged it here and there. I hope the photographer will be happy! 


  1. The leggings are adorable! I imagine a lot of concentration is needed with a project like that!

  2. Seeing these little leggings makes me wish my Grandson would hurry up and produce a great Grand child. There is talk but no action yet. I would love to get knitting some baby stuff.

  3. Oo, the baby will look Adorable in the ensemble! Will you get to see the baby in the complete outfit?

    1. I don’t think so, there are too many links in the chain.

  4. Somehow I never saw that post about the animal ears, but I am sure some baby is going to look adorable!!! :)