Thursday, February 11, 2021

Day 15 and Round 4 Progress


Right, he's coming together now, our flat fox with the fluffy tail. Not a crocodile. I hesitate to call him a roadkill bookmark, but I have seen the term used! 

I've made a start on round 4 of the Spring doily. It feels like a treat to sit on the verandah after my chores are done, tatting a straight forward round, 8+8, 6-6, counting counting and making sure I don't miss any! 


  1. Road kill book mark made me chuckle. lol

  2. So tell me, Jane, does that make your doily ‘roadkill’ too cause it’s flat? Heeee, heeeee, heeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  3. This year's TIAS is sure keeping me guessing! I did enjoy tatting round 4. I think this is a very enjoyable doily to tat!

  4. These early rounds of a large doily are a bit more stressful for me. If I goof, the mistake will be magnified by the pattern. Your Spring doily is coming along nicely! May I join you on your veranda?

    1. Certainly, visitors are always welcome! I’ve had that experience on an earlier Spring doily, realised much too late that I’d missed a ring on an early round. I had to just stop, there was no fixing it.

  5. The white doily is light and beautiful. The shape of the fox is a clear, interesting bookmark. 😂

  6. Road kill bookmark seems spot on. Even with the addition of d15, I'm unable to pinpoint what we are tatting. Keeps us all guessing.