Wednesday, February 10, 2021

For Variation


A friend of mine brought me her favourite shorts, which were well  past their wear-by-date, and asked me to replicate them. I unpicked enough seams to use the bits as a pattern, which took me longer than making the shorts themselves. Grace was delighted with her new shorts and asked me to make three more pairs in different colours. Mmm, no. Three more pairs I can do, but they'll all be the same colour because I bought 10 metres of fabric at the wholesale shop. (Guess what colour Jack's next shirts are going to be!) So we agreed that I'd put different embroidery on each pair so that they're not identical. I've just finished the third pair. 


  1. Such lovely embroidery stitches!!! My machine has around 24 but none so artistic :-(

  2. Wonderful work for a friend! I have a blouse I need to take apart and remake in new fabric. Somewhere.......