Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Trying Out Patterns

I've been trying out patterns on beaded beads. Some of them are my own designs and the others come from beadingdigest, here and here. The beading digest stitch count is a little different to mine. I might stick to my own count for now.

Blogger has now updated me to the new look. Right. Have to figure things out anew. 


  1. Your beaded beads are wonderful! I had no trouble posting last night, but my pictures are huge! I don't mind the larger pictures, but I do mind that my blog looks messy. I guess it's time to do more research.

  2. Wow!!! I don't know whether to praise these beads first or your skills 💙💜💚
    I find the new blogger interface is quite easy and convenient, except that if we want to update a post, it reverts back to draft. Didn't make a difference, except in time,, phew!

  3. They're GREAT, Jane. Love the colours.

  4. Those are so neat!!! :)
    I hate when they change things!!!