Tuesday, August 11, 2020

So Excited

I was so excited to see Tammy L Turner's version of my Under An African Sky doily on the Just Tatting Facebook group this morning. Tammy has made some changes to suit her own requirements, while retaining the spirit of the doily. Thumbs up, I love to see a project evolve. One of the changes was the trees - many people have struggled with the interlocking rings, but it's quite possible to do the trees without interlocking. Tammy isn't fond of split rings, so she changed the outer round to use one shuttle rings - splendid.

 Tammy shared a link to the pattern on her post. So many people clicked on it that the daily limit of free bandwidth that Keep-and-Share allows me has been reached! Sorry about that. The free allowance is normally ample for people looking at my patterns.

 There's a link to the pattern on the right hand size of this page. Maybe wait a day or two before clicking on it!


  1. Yes I saw this morning and it is beautiful I hope one day to tat your beautiful doily

  2. I have a friend in Ohio that is going to do your doily. She has already been asking me about it. I don't know who told her about it, but I told her who designed it. She was happy to know.

  3. I loved her version, too 💚 I do hope to get around to tatting it one day. I hope she shares her counts as well.

  4. it's a lovely pattern. I do like both versions.
    mmmmmmmm. Got any extra hours in your day to share? I'll need some to find time to tat everything!

  5. That is one of the most beautiful bits of tatting that I have seen in a long time.

  6. Oh I had to go and see Tammy's version! It is such a thrill seeing someone else work a pattern that you have spent ages designing, you must be well pleased. No I am not going to click on your pattern yet!