Monday, August 24, 2020

Test Tatting and Lambs

 I'm doing some test tatting, which I'm enjoying. Of course I won't show you a picture because it's not my project.

Mixed news on the lambs. Only Lily survived. It's a shame that the weather was cold and wet, which didn't help, though in truth their chances of survival were very slim. Lily is fine. Here's a picture of her using a friend of ours as a climbing frame:


  1. Lily looks fine and thriving too. Shame about the other two. I’m test tatting too at the moment. For two different people. Wonder if we’re doing it for the same people? Time will tell!!!

  2. Ohhh, good news and bad news. Always thankful for good news!! ;)
    Hmmmm...someone needs to learn some manners, like you don't climb on your friends. ;)

  3. Lily looks a strong lamb well done sad about the other two but one out of three is better than the farmer said