Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Upside Down

I work the border from the middle to the edge, then turn the work upside down and work in the other direction. Progress is slow at the moment. Yesterday disappeared in washing and ironing and getting the kitchen clean. Ah well, lockdown has been extended and I can't buy fabric for the curtains that this is to go on until after it's over, so there's no urgency.


  1. You will have something very beautiful to show for the locked down hours. Funnily enough our own time in isolation- although here in Queensland we are only really ' semi' isolated- has taken from me the desire to spend time on any of my crafts. Very odd, a gift of time going to waste, but I have been reading more than I usually do. Also supervising the tidying up of the garden which was long overdue.

    1. Perhaps your crafts are ‘normal’ so in these abnormal times you do something else. Good to have time to read and garden anyway.

  2. Ah! That's the way I've always done borders! We're under stay-at-home orders until May 1. It seems so far away!

  3. I've noticed you are not using any embroidery hoop? Guess the fabric is stiff?

  4. Looks great upside down or right side up!! :)