Tuesday, April 14, 2020

A New Curtain Project

 I was given some evenweave fabric by a friend who is moving house. There were some cross stitch booklets in the parcel too.  Hmm, I thought, a frieze to put on the next set of curtains.
My plans evolved, as my plans are wont to do. To begin with, I visualised following the pattern exactly. I soon discovered that my stash of embroidery thread is nowhere near as large as I imagine. So I decided I'd use different colours for the roses, and different greens for the leaves. That's fine, roses come in a myriad of shades!  There is plenty of the brown thread, so I'll use that throughout for continuity. I cut my fabric, marked the centre in both directions, and began embroidering. I soon realised that I'd have to work an awful lot of roses to cover three curtains! So I'm leaving a space between roses. I could perhaps put a rose bud in the space, but I'll finish the roses first and see how I feel.  The placing of the roses is a bit off on this first one, because of changing my mind, but I can live with that.


  1. They are fabulous!!! :)
    And, they seem to match the Rose Ice Drops Diane is test tatting. ;)

  2. Above she is right to think your on the other side of the world and think the same 💐