Friday, September 13, 2019

Trying This Again

After realising that  too tight a tension distorts a beaded pattern (see yesterday's post) I thought I'd have another go at this pattern. I tried it in June and it was a horrible mess that I had to unravel. It looks much better this time around! Interestingly, at one point I lost my place in the pattern and became a little stressed - straight away my tension increased. I'm sure that with some practice, keeping the tension correct will become automatic and I won't have to pay so much attention to it. To help make sure I was keeping the tube the right size, I put a pencil into the tube after every row:
Luckily, the pencil is just the right size for a 10 bead rope!


  1. Your own keen observation and experience has won the day 💙💙💙

  2. I love the blue! I like your use of the pencil as a gauge check.

  3. Gosh you have patience and I love your idea of keeping a pencil as a gauge.