Thursday, September 12, 2019

Necklace, 9 Around

The pattern is from Christa Kohlbauer. Because it has a 9 bead circumference, I could use a press stud to close it, to make a short necklace:
I learnt a lot about tension while I was working this. My phone rang, and as I talked to a friend, I looked at the rope, and realised that some of it was distorted. I unraveled it and worked it again, being careful not to pull the work too tight. With a rope bigger than 6 beads, there's a space in the middle of the rope, so it's easy to pull it too tight and make it collapse inwards. A light touch is needed!


  1. How interesting ; I was gifted a pattern that is quite complex, so I haven't attempted it yet. It is a 19-bead rope! The beads are 11/0, my guess is the circumference would be very big! My first idea was to make a bracelet but I don't know if that's possible, I 'll probably follow the pattern and make a necklace... loosely :)
    I love the pattern you used for this necklace, and your colours :)

  2. Beautiful braided effect and love your tips ... if I ever get round to making these cords, your blog is my destination 💗💗💗

  3. Sorry I have been away although I did look at your blog and was unable to comment thanks to blogger,
    You have done some beautiful work while I was away and this necklace is lovely